Be a Better Writer – 5 Habits to Adopt

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

By Buildstrongvibes

Where are my writers/bloggers/authors at? The creatives who are always looking to level up and be a better writer? I’ve always loved writing. Ever since I can remember, I was always that girl who loved school supplies shopping (NEW PENS AND NOTEBOOKS AND HIGHLIGHTERS OH MY) and I even enjoyed essays. Weird, I know. What can I say? It’s always been my obsession. So many times, people tell me they want to start a blog, but “aren’t a good writer”. If you love to write, that’s all that matters to begin with. However, there are habits to make you a better writer you can start implementing right away.

1. Write Every Single Day (Even When You Don’t “Feel” Like It)

You’ve heard me talk about the morning pages before. If you haven’t, here’s the deal: You write 3 pages first thing in the morning. Essentially, a free-hand, no judgment brain dump. You can just write your thoughts as they flow through you, write a list of gratitude, write down your fears, your to-dos, or even repeat “I don’t want to write today” over and over until the page is finished. It may not seem like this would make you a better writer, but you’d be surprised at how much it helps.

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2. Use Materials That Make You Feel Inspired

What we do in the morning greatly affects the day. Think about all the thoughts that hit your brain when you first wake up – it’s overwhelming. By doing this, you’re getting all of that nonsense out of your brain and onto the paper. It also allows you to go deeper into thought and creativity because you’re ridding your brain of all the surface level bullshit.

Like I said, I’ve always been a school-supplies bitch. You know your girl was not purchasing your basic pens and notebooks. (or having mom do it then, I suppose) YOU JUST KNOW I had Lisa Frank everything. Colorful gel pens. Those fancy as fuck mechanical pencils.

While I have strayed from Lisa Frank, but honestly now that I mention it, I’d like a good Lisa Frank pencil pouch. K I just did an Amazon search of Lisa Frank, and well, do not do that unless you’re prepared to spend all of your dollars. Like, definitely don’t click here.

Anyway, lately, I’ve been vibing these notebooks. A friend of mine and BSV reader sells them. They’re so unique, compact, and just look so good on the desk, in your purse, or sitting on the coffee table. I literally use one for everything. One to free write in the morning, one for goal setting, one for daily to-dos, one on me at all times for random bursts of inspiration, and one to go with my “May Cause Miracles” book.

You can use the code BVIBES15 to save an additional 15% off when you purchase these adorable notebooks!

3. Read Books and Workbooks With Thought-Provoking Journal Prompts

Like I said, I have a journal for everything. Like to keep things somewhat separate and organized. Two books I really enjoy right now are The Artist’s Way and May Cause Miracles.

The Artist’s Way is basically a 4-week “course” that you go through with the book. Morning Pages are a big part of this book, but there is so much other old in there. Highly recommend it if you’re someone who is wanting to stay in a creative state of mind as much as possible.

The other book I have a specific journal for is May Cause Miracles. Basically, it’s a 40-day meditation, mindset-shifting book with lots of journal prompts along the way. Every morning, I read that day’s chapter and do the meditations and journal prompts inside. Although I did not purchase this for creative inspiration, it really has made me feel more inspired. I personally think the better you feel, the better you write (which I guess is probably the opposite of what many writers say – but I’m not a very moody writer)

Even aside from books that have journal prompts, reading alone can make you a better writer. Reading gives you insight on how other writers speak to their audience, expands your vocabulary, and just subconsciously helps you to think more like a writer. If that makes any sense.

4. Keep a Small Notebook With You For When Thoughts Pop Up

I cannot stress this enough. When you have thoughts appear out of nowhere, you have to be able to write it down that very moment. For the longest time I’d just jot a quick note in my phone to think about the topic for later. As you probably know from experience, it’s just not the same. The vibes are different, your thought pattern is different, and you definitely are not remembering everything.

It’s so easy to just keep a notebook on hand, especially with a cute notebook like the one I mentioned above. They‘re super slender and compact, so very easy for on the go. They‘re also super inexpensive, so you can grab a pack of 6 of them and always have journals on hand.

5. Write Down and Track Your Goals

Depending on your reasoning for writing, your goals will vary. Either way, it’s important to have them. If you’re a blogger like me, make a goal to make x amount of posts each week. If you’re writing a book, stick to writing a certain amount of words each day.

Keep another small notebook to track your goals. How many blog posts did you get done this week? How many words did you write today? Tracking it not only allows you to study your habits, but helps to keep you on track. That little extra accountability will help you from falling off the wagon.

So yeah, those are my best tips to make you a better writer. If you’re a writer, I’d love to hear any tips you have on expanding your skills! Share below any tips, questions or comments you have.

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